Why Surelock?

Surelock Security Company was built upon inclusivity, affordability and innovation. We are constantly striving to bring new and exciting products to market that you can depend on to protect what can’t be replaced. We want to earn your trust and give you what you asked for, and then some. We believe in listening to our family - and that’s what you are when you become a proud owner of a Surelock product, family.

About Us

Surelock Security Company was founded with one idea in mind - your security. We proudly offer many sizes and styles of gun and home safes, as well as cabinets and accessories, so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, treasures and belongings.

You own irreplaceable items - some are monetary, and some are sentimental. At Surelock, we understand you need a safe that actually keeps people, and elements, out.

Surelock Security is honored to offer a product of superior character at an affordable price. Our lifetime warranty guarantees we have your back, and your belongings - for life.

Be sure, with Surelock, and protect what can’t be replaced.


We aim to build the best products and help put a safe in every home, while continuing to craft new and innovative safety solutions at an affordable price.


To provide our global customers with world class, competitive, innovative products while delivering superior results to all stakeholders and never compromising our integrity. Honouring God who has provided these opportunities, reinvesting in those in need.