Cadet 12

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Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12 Cadet 12

Product information:


  • Assembled Unit: 59.00in x 18.00in x 18.00in


  • Assembled Unit: 249.0lbs

Cadet 12 Overview

Cadet 12
The Cadet 12 will hold up to 12 guns with a total of 5 locking bolts (3 active). It has one adjustable, or removable, shelf and one gun rack.

The SureLock Security Company Cadet Series Gun and Home Safes provide maximum security, for all of your valuables, at an affordable price.
The Cadet Series comes with a matte tan exterior finish, as well as a tan interior that has a customizable gun rack and adjustable shelving.
The exterior includes a black SafeLogic BackLit digital lock and three spoke handle. Be sure with SureLock, and protect what can’t be replaced.
Backed by the SureLock Securities Lifetime Replacement Program, the Cadet Series Gun and Home Safe is the dependable choice to securely protect all your treasured possessions.

  • Includes 3-6 active locking bolts and 2-4 dead bolts (5-10 total bolts)
  • 1” to 1.25” bolt size
  • 14-Gauge Steel
  • Two external hinges
  • 30-minute fire rating
  • Includes fire and smoke seal on the door
  • Three Spoke Handle and Lock

  • SafeLogic Basic Electronic Safe Lock
  • Feature’s SecuRam’s rugged stainless-steel construction
  • 2 codes: Manager Code and User Code


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